We would like to thank our friends and colleagues who have helped and supported this project:
Geert Van Mil and Doris Denekamp for providing their squat and studio, from where all started, in Schiedam
Gerrit and Ed for their technical computer networking advise
John Colenbrander for his design/technical assistance in the building of the media box,
and together with Jasper Niens for providing their great studio and tools in Pompstraat, Rotterdam
Uwe Schueler and Constantin Lürwer for their technical electronic assistance and advise as well as their ‘material’ support for the maintenance of the media platform.
Robin Broadfoot for helping out in modifying and repairing the media box.
Margit Busch for helping out in repairing the media box.
Mark Swindle for hosting this website on his server.
Empros Theater for the summer residency 2013 that helped to organize our street art festival Anomalous Rally
Pelagia Markettou for the productive discussions we had together as well as for the editing of our texts in our latest action.

Special thanks

to Jeff Meisner for his technical electronic assistance and advise, as well as for his donations of equipment and
to XminY for its financial support that made true the structural development of the platform.

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